8 Weeks young and ready to Wrestle

                          Will be 2 months in a few days; getting stronger day by day. Have been in training with the toy next to me; I now feel ready for the real thing so if your up for the challenge come on over for a wrestle..

Beautiful comment that didn’t fit into the Chat

THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT BorG He/she will get things done in their own time He/she has been known on occasion to be a little on the recalcitrant side He/she appears to have something of a dry sense of humour He/she is somewhat into kicking He/she is greatly appreciateded by friends and family He/she has a … [Read more…]

KMG’s in town

Hi all, here on my own (well, +1 tucked away) for only a little while longer. Soon we will know who is this +1  and the title will change. Very Excited to see what, who, this little person looks like. Will keep you updated with events as they happen. Bye for now , 7 days to … [Read more…]