Welcome Oscar – Guestbook page

Hi everyone,
Can people please leave messages for Oscar, Mum and Dad (and the extended families) here.

We will keep this page, rather than the chat box. I will allow posts without having to make an account and log in.

Although having an account will allow users to access other ‘stuff’ thats not publically available.
A video has been uploaded but you need to be registered and logged in to see it, it’s pretty easy.

See, if Rachel can do it, what’s your excuse?



  1. Rachel

    Hey Oscar, you gorgeous, gorgeous baby,
    Welcome to the world. Think we will have to keep a close watch on you – you have that same cheeky look in your eye that your Dad sometimes gets. I can feel trouble a brewing!
    Cant wait to meet you in person.
    Love, Rachel x

  2. Amanda

    Hi Kerryn, Dallas and the gorgeous Oscar. Well done. He’s a beauty. Can’t wait to meet him. Love to all.

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