OMG! WTF! Joe got married

Yep its true There’s even pix to prove it. If you have pictures please email (up to 10mb batches) to and i’ll get them put up on the gallery. Joe Thanks to all those who came along and made it a great day.

Still with Us?

Oscar’s just turned 8, yep 8 months already. This week we’ve been off to the Dentist to repair his damaged toothiepeg. Everything is fine and he’s happily home today, I think mum and dad stressed out more than he did. Give us a call or come visit the little guy.

A day out

Hi all Oscar, Kerryn and I are all going great. We had a day out last week to the 100 year celebrations in Noble Park, here’s the pix         more

8 Weeks young and ready to Wrestle

                          Will be 2 months in a few days; getting stronger day by day. Have been in training with the toy next to me; I now feel ready for the real thing so if your up for the challenge come on over for a wrestle..

Can it get any better?

Today Oscar turns 1 month old. Already 31 days young and growing every day.   Oscar says YAY!!!!!   JC~ was here

21 Today

From 1 week to 21 (days), Boy time is flying oh, days……… Congrats Oscar.

Now I’m 1.

Look out, Oscar’s broken outta here today. He’s turned 1 (week) and already on the run. Everything is looking good for a departure from hospital and a quick trip home for the rest of the weekend. We’ll try to settle in and get used to being home with a permanent +1   D

Welcome Oscar – Guestbook page

Hi everyone, Can people please leave messages for Oscar, Mum and Dad (and the extended families) here. We will keep this page, rather than the chat box. I will allow posts without having to make an account and log in. Although having an account will allow users to access other ‘stuff’ thats not publically available. A … [Read more…]