Nappy fold #1

Well, we have come to the time to learns nappies. Nappy #1 – ORIGAMI (or Chinese) Fold nappy in half away from you. Fig 1. Take top layer of corner A to corner B. Fig 2 (making a triangle as in Fig 3.) Turn nappy over so that the triangle is underneath. Fold the square … [Read more…]

And a thanks to our sponsors.

Hi all Day 5, already….. The first stitch is now out (painlessly) and the big boy had a good night’s sleep> And the parents did too. Many visitors yesterday and a few today. Gifts have been many and are most welcome. (NO ELMO DOLLS!!!!) SMUDGE at Hawthorn and Malvern. Lisa has a store that we’d … [Read more…]

Look at me, I’m Famous

We’ll another few days older and still a little angle angel. We’ve had a little look at others blessed with the same birth dates as our big O. Looks like he’s got some great footsteps to follow in with others born on July 11 Suzanne Vega Peter (Pete) Murphy Other things … [Read more…]

Thanks everyone.

Hi all Oscar says thanks to all those who called, txt, emailed, blogged and visited in the last few days. Everything is fine and Mum and Oscar should be home over the weekend, although K’s over the hospital food. Seriously thanks everyone and we hope to see each and everyone soon. Can everyone please use … [Read more…]

IT’S A BOY!!!!!

Finally we are happy to announce the birth of our first child. Named Oscar, he proved to be just like his proud parents. Stubborn. More soon, must sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….. ok, slept (a bit) Heading back to hospital to see Kerryn and Oscar. It’ll be busy today so no visitors, sorry. Meanwhile, – Done – … [Read more…]

and the winner is…..

hi all the d.o.b. poll has now been closed. no one voted for today (saturday) so the prize jackpots. more to come mum calm and happy. dad freakin’ out….

Time for Plan B?

Today we are now 2weeks over. I think its time to decide if Plan B needs to be put in place? My ideas dont seem to be popular with the girls….. Plan B – Trampoline therapy.  

Beautiful comment that didn’t fit into the Chat

THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT BorG He/she will get things done in their own time He/she has been known on occasion to be a little on the recalcitrant side He/she appears to have something of a dry sense of humour He/she is somewhat into kicking He/she is greatly appreciateded by friends and family He/she has a … [Read more…]

Doctor’s visit today.

Well, we visited the hospital early this morning and although we didn’t actually see the OB we did get a free diagnosis. No, really we got a lovely image, log in for more images, available if you register.

Polls added.

Whilst we wait for the big day (and long nights) we have added some user polls to find out what other people are guessing for the Day of Birth and the s.e.x. of the BorG. (stop trying to spin the bottle!) We dont know what we are having (BorG) but if enough vote, the BorG might … [Read more…]