Wanted – Punctual child!!!

Another restless week and and the parents to be have almost had enough. If anyone has proven remedies to induce the birth,Ā please submit your comments to this post below. Remember to register and keep up to date with all the action (if it ever happens…..)

Well? Well what?

Hi all. We are still plodding along awaiting any indication of the impending ‘arrival’. The doctor is happy, we are happy (but nervous), the families are nervous. Fell free to register and leave comments to any of the posts we have made. Too lazy to join up? šŸ™ Use the chat box over there —————->> … [Read more…]

3, 2, 1, .5, 0, Ready ???

The day is finally here and all is calm (so far). Finally 9 months have passed and the countdown has stopped. Now we sit and wait………. Remember to register with us using the ‘Register‘ button or logĀ in over here ————————> We will send updates and you can leave comments.

The Last Supper

Dinner with friends for the last supper. Great wine (Joseph Faivelery – Bourgogne 2006) thanks to ACP. Margarita and Vactian Special hopefully should do the job. DK ACP SNS S&J. perhaps we should have titled this post ‘The Penultimate Supper’ as a week later on from here and still no BorG.

KMG’s in town

Hi all, here on my own (well, +1 tucked away) for only a little while longer. Soon we will know who is thisĀ +1Ā  and the title will change. Very Excited to see what, who, this little person looks like. Will keep you updated with events as they happen. Bye for now , 7 days to … [Read more…]

Almost time

ok, 9 months have nearly passed and the big day in on the way. did i say 9months? a gallery will be online here http://www.goldburg.com.au/gallery/v/borg/ email me (dallas at goldburg.com.au) for the password.

Welcome to Goldburg.com.au

So you finally found us. This site is currently under construction. Please check back for updates on this site. Dallas’ site here Joe’s site here Webmail access here (remember to use full name e.g user@goldburg.com.au ) Looking for YourPix? Gallery updates here. http://www.goldburg.com.au/yourpix